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Terrible Fours
I have recently become more frustrated with my four year old. Age two was not a challenge. You hear about the terrible twos and how difficult this time in your child’s development it can be. Then I heard a buzz that two is not a problem it is the “terrible threes” that you need to worry about. So I waited. And I waited. But it never came. I thought I was one of the lucky few who managed to get through this stage of development with ease.

Then my easy going, mellow, thoughtful, caring, loving, beautiful boy turned four. What happened? Where did I go wrong? I can not say something without being questioned. I say, “Get dressed”. He replies, “I don’t have to go to school”. I keep reading the same thing in all the books. They all say that I just need to be consistent, firm, and keep my cool. This really sounds wonderful and logical but when you are in a battle with a stubborn four year old being consistent, firm and cool is much more challenging then I can say. I try to model the behavior that I want him to continue. I consistently give to Cancer Society donation in hopes that he too will give back.


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