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Can Money Make It Better
I often ask myself as I struggle to make ends meet: “Can money really make you happy?” It is often said that money can not buy you happiness but I’m not sure if I completely buy into that. For instance, it is hard for many people these days struggling to pay their mortgages and keep a roof over their heads. I’ll bet that a couple thousand bucks would make them plenty happy. The relief, only if for just a month, would be huge. So I think it can indirectly make you happy by giving you some stability and peace of mind.

Other ways that money can make you happy include the ability to help others out that need a hand. There is nothing more satisfying then feeding someone who hasn’t had a decent meal in days or holding a child’s hand while they receive a life saving treatment made possible by the generosity of strangers.

Money can make you happy and so can donations of goods and services. Donate Car USA is a great example of a place that makes car donations easy and fast. It is the easiest way to make a difference and make someone happy without money


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