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Happy When It Rains
Rainy days are always my favorite days. I live in sunny Arizona and the weather is always clear. I always told myself that when I grew up I would move to Seattle or New York or somewhere with more rainy days. Something about the gloomy days always makes me feel energized. The gloomier the day the better I like it. I love snuggling under the covers and reading a book or even doing chores while it’s storming.

A friend of mine recently moved from Arizona to Seattle and she absolutely loves it. Everyone told her to give it a few months and she would be sick of the rain. This has not yet happened. She is happy as a soaked clam. She says that it can be a little hard some days to do the things that she wants to do but she went into the move with a great attitude. She told herself and prepared herself for the rain and she accepted the fact that she would have to give up many of her hobbies. She has since filled her time with new rainy day hobbies and gave her unused things to Cancer Society donation. I may soon follow her up to rainy Seattle.


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