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Money On the Mind
Money is on the minds of many of us right now. Many people are struggling to pay their monthly bills so I feel a sort of tension in the air. Need seems to be at an all time high. Although there is this tension I find myself in a place where I am at ease. Not because I have nothing to worry about but more because I think having a positive attitude and positive thoughts about money is an important part of having financial freedom. I have confidence in knowing that things all work themselves out. I also rely greatly on my family and friends.

Another part of having financial freedom is being realistic about your spending habits. For example, if you are having trouble paying the mortgage cut out the weekly or biweekly trips to get your nails done or the daily trips to get your coffee fix. Yes it is nice to be able to do these things but you have to cut out the things that aren’t necessary. Plus you can use the extra money to put into your savings account or another great option is to give back to charity. For example, I support the Veterans car donation. There are so many other worthwhile things to worry about than money.


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