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Meaningful Gifts
My birthday is coming up this month and year after year my husband waits until the last minute to do something or put together a last minute party. It is always appreciated but it makes me feel under appreciated. It makes me feel like he doesn’t care enough to put any thought or effort into me. I used to not care about my birthday and I did not want anything special for my birthday. This is not the case lately. I want and deserve to be pampered. I’m not sure what changed but it is different.

All the books and magazines tell women that we need to tell our spouse what we would like. So like a hopeful fool I tried the advice. I told my husband that I wanted him to surprise me with something nice for my birthday. So he gave me a nice watch. It was pretty and I loved it but it wasn’t the something special I was looking for. I wanted a gift that had meaning. So I expressed my feelings and the next year he made a donation to my favorite charity in my name. It was the perfect gift. I found car donation to Donate Car USA another great option to donate.


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