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Say Thanks
When I give to charity many times I wonder if my gift is doing good things for the community. Many times people give gifts and expect to be thanked. Is it necessary to be thanked when we give to charity? What does being thanked do for us? How does being thanked make us feel? I personally like the act of thanking people and feel that it is important to thank people.

Our society has moved away from these two little words. I have wondered why this could have happened. It seems to me that it is a generational issue. I have found that it started with kids. When I first had my son I began reading tons of books on different topics such as the best way to get my baby to sleep, from the best way to swaddle, to the best games to play with my baby. The books that I read about manners gave surprising advice. Most books that I read recommended that we should teach manners starting at the age of two. This is surprising to me because I feel that teaching manners should begin with birth. We should always teach our kids to say thank you and donate to charity.



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