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Travel Green
Traveling to work can be stressful. It can make going to work more of a hassle. Many places of business are willing to help their employees by offering incentives to get to work in a more environmentally friendly manner. They offer incentives for riding the bus, carpooling, walking, biking and even riding an environmentally friendly vehicle. Doing these things can make getting to work less stressful and can be more cost effective.

Personally, I enjoy the drive to work. It takes me about twenty five minutes to get there. During that time I try to take it easy and I give myself an extra fifteen minutes to get to work so that I am not stressed out about getting to work. I make sure that I listen to my favorite music and I make sure that I eliminate any distractions in my car to make the drive easier. I have found that removing everything from my car and keeping it clean helps make me feel better as well. it sounds silly but it works.

If you have a vehicle that you want to get rid of, consider giving it to someone who can use it more than you can. If you donate your car you can help save a life.


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