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Being a part of a group or organization is such an important part of life. My son just started preschool and it was a big change for him. I was very excited that he would be able to not only learn the basics to start him on his school career but he is also learning the basics of friendship and socializing. He had health issues and was not able to participate in playgroups like other children. Needless to say, I was concerned.

He is and has always been a social and friendly boy fortunately. He is learning to socialize in a group setting which is different for him. The dynamics are quite different when it is more than just one other child to play with. He is learning how to share, use kind words and gentle touches. He has always been very gentle and kind but he does get confused about his boundaries. He is learning to listen to other kids and pay attention to social cues.

I believe it is important to teach him about giving to those in the community who need help through a national charity of our choice. Getting him in this philanthropic mindset is essential to everyone. I feel that the earlier we teach this the better.


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