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Terrible Fours
I have recently become more frustrated with my four year old. Age two was not a challenge. You hear about the terrible twos and how difficult this time in your child’s development it can be. Then I heard a buzz that two is not a problem it is the “terrible threes” that you need to worry about. So I waited. And I waited. But it never came. I thought I was one of the lucky few who managed to get through this stage of development with ease.

Then my easy going, mellow, thoughtful, caring, loving, beautiful boy turned four. What happened? Where did I go wrong? I can not say something without being questioned. I say, “Get dressed”. He replies, “I don’t have to go to school”. I keep reading the same thing in all the books. They all say that I just need to be consistent, firm, and keep my cool. This really sounds wonderful and logical but when you are in a battle with a stubborn four year old being consistent, firm and cool is much more challenging then I can say. I try to model the behavior that I want him to continue. I consistently give to Cancer Society donation in hopes that he too will give back.

Can Money Make It Better
I often ask myself as I struggle to make ends meet: “Can money really make you happy?” It is often said that money can not buy you happiness but I’m not sure if I completely buy into that. For instance, it is hard for many people these days struggling to pay their mortgages and keep a roof over their heads. I’ll bet that a couple thousand bucks would make them plenty happy. The relief, only if for just a month, would be huge. So I think it can indirectly make you happy by giving you some stability and peace of mind.

Other ways that money can make you happy include the ability to help others out that need a hand. There is nothing more satisfying then feeding someone who hasn’t had a decent meal in days or holding a child’s hand while they receive a life saving treatment made possible by the generosity of strangers.

Money can make you happy and so can donations of goods and services. Donate Car USA is a great example of a place that makes car donations easy and fast. It is the easiest way to make a difference and make someone happy without money

Black and Blue Friday
I decided to avoid the malls and all retail places for black Friday. I am one of the few women who do not like shopping. I dislike shopping even more when there are professional shoppers around me. I do not want to get in their way. These shoppers are on a mission, know what they want, and will not stop at giving you an elbow or even tackling you to get what they want. For a long time I grew to dislike the holidays because I worked in retail. The holidays always seemed to bring out the worst in people. I wondered where all the so called Christmas cheer was. It was certainly not in that department store.
The last holiday I worked in retail made it easy to walk away. It was a black Friday and all of my fellow employees were in our ready position to open the doors. When the crowds poured in we looked at each other with fear in our eyes. Then it happened and elderly woman attacked a man with her purse. She was not going to let that ornament go. The holidays are about family and giving back. For example, I like to give to donate auto. Needless to say I stay away during the holidays.

Happy When It Rains
Rainy days are always my favorite days. I live in sunny Arizona and the weather is always clear. I always told myself that when I grew up I would move to Seattle or New York or somewhere with more rainy days. Something about the gloomy days always makes me feel energized. The gloomier the day the better I like it. I love snuggling under the covers and reading a book or even doing chores while it’s storming.

A friend of mine recently moved from Arizona to Seattle and she absolutely loves it. Everyone told her to give it a few months and she would be sick of the rain. This has not yet happened. She is happy as a soaked clam. She says that it can be a little hard some days to do the things that she wants to do but she went into the move with a great attitude. She told herself and prepared herself for the rain and she accepted the fact that she would have to give up many of her hobbies. She has since filled her time with new rainy day hobbies and gave her unused things to Cancer Society donation. I may soon follow her up to rainy Seattle.

Money On the Mind
Money is on the minds of many of us right now. Many people are struggling to pay their monthly bills so I feel a sort of tension in the air. Need seems to be at an all time high. Although there is this tension I find myself in a place where I am at ease. Not because I have nothing to worry about but more because I think having a positive attitude and positive thoughts about money is an important part of having financial freedom. I have confidence in knowing that things all work themselves out. I also rely greatly on my family and friends.

Another part of having financial freedom is being realistic about your spending habits. For example, if you are having trouble paying the mortgage cut out the weekly or biweekly trips to get your nails done or the daily trips to get your coffee fix. Yes it is nice to be able to do these things but you have to cut out the things that aren’t necessary. Plus you can use the extra money to put into your savings account or another great option is to give back to charity. For example, I support the Veterans car donation. There are so many other worthwhile things to worry about than money.

Meaningful Gifts
My birthday is coming up this month and year after year my husband waits until the last minute to do something or put together a last minute party. It is always appreciated but it makes me feel under appreciated. It makes me feel like he doesn’t care enough to put any thought or effort into me. I used to not care about my birthday and I did not want anything special for my birthday. This is not the case lately. I want and deserve to be pampered. I’m not sure what changed but it is different.

All the books and magazines tell women that we need to tell our spouse what we would like. So like a hopeful fool I tried the advice. I told my husband that I wanted him to surprise me with something nice for my birthday. So he gave me a nice watch. It was pretty and I loved it but it wasn’t the something special I was looking for. I wanted a gift that had meaning. So I expressed my feelings and the next year he made a donation to my favorite charity in my name. It was the perfect gift. I found car donation to Donate Car USA another great option to donate.

Give What You Have
I received a flyer in the mail about a local charity asking for donations. Non profit organizations seem to be focusing on making it easier for donors to give to their local charities. I remember several years ago their focus was how much money can you donate and can you donate on a regular basis. They simply wanted a check or some kind of a financial agreement to give on a regular basis. This worked for me for a while.

This flyer was asking to donate items that I no longer needed. They even offer to schedule a pick up. What a great idea. This is not only a great way to give back but it is a great way to get rid of items that you are no longer using.

I believe in giving back to others that need it more than I do. I feel it is my civic duty to give when I can. I know there have been many times that I have needed help in one way or another and someone was always willing to help me. One great organization that I support is the Polly Klaas Fountation. The work they do is like no other.

Say Thanks
When I give to charity many times I wonder if my gift is doing good things for the community. Many times people give gifts and expect to be thanked. Is it necessary to be thanked when we give to charity? What does being thanked do for us? How does being thanked make us feel? I personally like the act of thanking people and feel that it is important to thank people.

Our society has moved away from these two little words. I have wondered why this could have happened. It seems to me that it is a generational issue. I have found that it started with kids. When I first had my son I began reading tons of books on different topics such as the best way to get my baby to sleep, from the best way to swaddle, to the best games to play with my baby. The books that I read about manners gave surprising advice. Most books that I read recommended that we should teach manners starting at the age of two. This is surprising to me because I feel that teaching manners should begin with birth. We should always teach our kids to say thank you and donate to charity.


Being a part of a group or organization is such an important part of life. My son just started preschool and it was a big change for him. I was very excited that he would be able to not only learn the basics to start him on his school career but he is also learning the basics of friendship and socializing. He had health issues and was not able to participate in playgroups like other children. Needless to say, I was concerned.

He is and has always been a social and friendly boy fortunately. He is learning to socialize in a group setting which is different for him. The dynamics are quite different when it is more than just one other child to play with. He is learning how to share, use kind words and gentle touches. He has always been very gentle and kind but he does get confused about his boundaries. He is learning to listen to other kids and pay attention to social cues.

I believe it is important to teach him about giving to those in the community who need help through a national charity of our choice. Getting him in this philanthropic mindset is essential to everyone. I feel that the earlier we teach this the better.

Travel Green
Traveling to work can be stressful. It can make going to work more of a hassle. Many places of business are willing to help their employees by offering incentives to get to work in a more environmentally friendly manner. They offer incentives for riding the bus, carpooling, walking, biking and even riding an environmentally friendly vehicle. Doing these things can make getting to work less stressful and can be more cost effective.

Personally, I enjoy the drive to work. It takes me about twenty five minutes to get there. During that time I try to take it easy and I give myself an extra fifteen minutes to get to work so that I am not stressed out about getting to work. I make sure that I listen to my favorite music and I make sure that I eliminate any distractions in my car to make the drive easier. I have found that removing everything from my car and keeping it clean helps make me feel better as well. it sounds silly but it works.

If you have a vehicle that you want to get rid of, consider giving it to someone who can use it more than you can. If you donate your car you can help save a life.


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